Sunday, February 28, 2010

Candy Party Time

Friday night, Mattie Claire and I braved the weather and went to a Build a Bear party about 1 hour and 15 minutes from home. She had a great time. The mom fed them pizza in the food court and gave tokens for the merry go round after building their new friend. I was getting ready to head out when I saw a blogger friend. I recognized her and her daughter from their pictures on her blog. I feel like I know her, so I had to go up and introduce myself. That meeting has already led to two new followers, so thanks Laura.

I wanted to share some ideas for a candy party. It is really a lollipop birthday party, but I thought a candy party might be a little simpler. There are a couple of cute gumball machines on etsy that can be personalized as favors, but they are a little more than I would spend on favors. Bellahope even has sippy cups that have space for candy. I found the above gumball machines at WalMart for $1 each. I bought them for Mattie Claire's friends; I plan to paint their names on them for a little Easter happy. I also found some Jelly Belly scented bubbles at Target. Add a little cellophane to the machines and bubbles, and I think you would have a precious and affordable favors. What do you think?


  1. Ha ha! Your newest follower is Lori and I think she's a little "miffed" about the comment I made about meeting my first blogger. LOL! (Check out the comment she left on my blog!) I actually met Lori in December when the schools were seeing a ballet performance, but it was the thing...a rushed meeting..."Hi! How're you doing?" Only THAT time, I recognized HER!

    I love the gumball idea and I actually saw those today at Walmart and Alise's party never even crossed my mind, but I think it would be great!

  2. Just make sure you tell her she's not chopped liver!!! I thought those gumball machines were super cute. Do you paint at all? The names might even be cute with small letters cut with cricut. I don't even mind doing them for you; you could just pay for the gumball machines and shipping--OOOR I could drive them to Monroe and go shopping. Just let me know when you decide if I can help.

  3. Here from Laura's blog! :) I saw those gumball machines on another blog and she made some really cute tags to put on them and shared! :)
    very cute idea! :)