Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have a Clark W. Griswold complex; I build things up in my mind that no event could ever live up to, but... The Vexcon party was unbelievable! I am tearing up as I write this, because I know that we gave our baby a party she will NEVER forget. Let me start from the beginning.

There is a reality show that is filmed in Louisiana; it is called The Exterminators and airs on A&E. Mattie Claire LOVES the show; yes, my big bow, smocking wearing child loves bugs, snakes, and rockers. In pre-K, she fulfilled a homework assignment by creating a doll of what she wanted to be when she grew up; hers was decorated in all black as an exterminator--an obsession was born. We wrote a letter to the Bretherton family, stars of the Exterminators, and told them about Mattie Claire and asked if we could hire them to come to her birthday party. The mother, Mrs. Donnie, called the next day to say of course they would come, and no, they would not be charging us. That was nine months ago! They rolled in yesterday, and the crowd loved it. Here are some pics from the big event.

How do you thank television stars for driving two hours to your house to make a little girls wish come true? Well, you paint them a plate to present to them at the party, of course!
We used a TON of black food coloring, but we created a three tier black cake. We used regular icing, then accented with fondant.

Baby Molly and Her Future Husband, Jake
This is the cast of The Exterminators posing with Mattie Claire and their new plate. From left to right: Bill, Sr., Billy, Mary (Mattie Claire's favorite), Donnie, & Ricky.
This is a pic of the finished party favors. I bought bug boxes back during the summer at Dollar Tree. I used my Cricut and cut the logo from white vinyl. I filled the box with black shredded paper, a bug, tweezers. I wrapped the bug box and a bug net in some black polka dot cellophane and topped with a black bow. Lots of kids stayed late and tried to catch some bugs. She even got a bug vacuum, so they were outside on a hunt. What a great day!


  1. OH.MY.GOD!!!! The Good Lord is going to get me, but I feel taking His name in vain is worthy of this post. Unbelievable. I just have no words left.

    First of all, thanks for the Louisiana trivia. I had no idea about this show. Never heard of it. Obviously, our TV does not leave the Disney channel.

    And then to have to stars of the show appear? Whell. All I can say is that you ROCK, my friend, and you put my upcoming party (the year I decide NOT to go all out) to shame!!

  2. I was bummed the other day when I saw the pic of your upcoming cake. I decided to save money by doing the cake myself. When I saw your professional pic, I panicked, but I don't think anyone noticed the homemade job!

  3. what a fun party!!! this is hilarious! I am from the Shreveport/Bossier area and used to play Bunco with Billy's exwife. :) I know your daughter was thrilled with the party!