Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Try to hear me say in an English accent, "The puppies are here; the puppies are here!"--but not 101. We cancelled dinner plans and kept a close watch on her. At midnight, I gave it up and went to bed. I guess she didn't need my help, because this morning we had 5 beautiful puppies. There are 3 dapple that look like chocolate versions of Mermaid, 1 jet black, and 1 chocolate. The chocolate is to the far right and much tinier than the others. I keep putting it closer to eat, but I just don't know. I have said all along that we were not going to keep one, but.... I just didn't think they would all be so precious. That preciousness may change when the start walking and pooping. Three are spoken for, but I will have to start working on Jason now!!

I have a friend that wanted some pictures of the birth:0), so sorry that I couldn't oblige. Just kidding, these small rodent sized puppies may be more than she can handle:0)

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