Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ferns for Art

This seems like a crazy post the day after snow, but spring is right around the corner. I got a call recently asking if I would like to sell ferns, 150 ferns. The "fern lady" had gotten stuck with ferns for spring delivery, and she needed my help. My friend Brittany laughed and pointed out that it was not my job to save the world, but it was too late; the commitment had been made. I will use the money made to buy art supplies for my classroom.

These ferns are beautiful; every year they are huge and the prettiest around. I am selling 3 types: boston, asparagus, and macho. The boston and asparagus are $20, and macho are $30. If you are a local follower, let me know if you are interested in purchasing ferns. I will deliver them to your house at the end of March. I know some of you have already ordered, but you can pass the word along. THANKS!!

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