Friday, April 30, 2010

Here I Am!

I'm sorry Laura! I have missed you too--CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE!!! I love Lady Antebellum, and my favorite song right now is "American Honey." I tear up everytime I hear the line, "tryin' to be everything, can make you lose your mind." I am definitely losing my mind, blogging got put on the back burner for a couple of weeks.
I feel so guilty, so I think I will share. A customer on etsy ordered some buckets about 5 or 6 weeks ago. As soon as she placed the order, things got crazy around here--the girls were sick, I got stomach virus, work got hectic--the list goes on and on! I had been painting them, but I was taking it slow. Her daughter's party is getting close, and she emailed me for an update. I clicked on the wrong convo and sent her the status of someone else's order. I am sure I gave her a mild heart attack, because she quickly replied that she had not ordered that.... I really had the buckets nearly finished and mailed them out this morning. I feel so horrible for making her worry, and I know her buckets will be there in time. I am sure my real life friends are just smiling and nodding--they always laugh that I will always do what I promise, but it may be delivered with wet paint on the date they need it. The pics above are some of the buckets for her party. I promise to post more pics of what I have been up to this weekend.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Here's to You, Brittany

Auntie Blitt Blitt asked that I please update my blog. She has bought the American Girl doll, so she wants me to find her something else to buy. I have been so busy lately painting, working, ....that I cannot even come up for air. I have been taking lots of pics to post when I finally catch up.

My newest problem is my six year old saying she is too old for smocked--she will "look funny next to the other kids" if she wears smocked to graduation. We have spent HOURS looking for a non-smocked/non-hoochie compromise. Tonight, we reached an agreement. If she wears this beautiful grown up looking smocked dress that already hangs in her closet, she gets a graduation present. What has she decided that present should be????--a bounce house/waterslide!!! She even offered to clean out her piggy bank to help pay for it--I know--how sweet is that?? There are lots to pick from on the internet, but here is a finalist.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Girl

If your child loves American Girl as much as mine, you MUST check out MissSissy on etsy! I got the romper below for Molly and her new Bitty Twin, Lucy. I got Mattie Claire and Julie dresses made from the same fabric. She is so easy to work with, and I know the girls will love wearing their clothes to the AG store this summer.Second, let me answer Semi-Slacker's question. The Last Song had no s-e-x that I remember. Maybe one questionable part, but it is so sad. I don't want to give anything away, but my serious child could not handle seeing this movie. She never forgets anything and would hold on to the sad part forever! However, my 10 year old neice saw it and loved it; she is a huge Miley fan.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nicholas Sparks

If my sister-in-law reads my blog, she may stop after my next comment. I hate Nicholas Sparks! Can't we just have one non-cryer, one book with a neat and tidy happy ending??? Ok, I really don't hate him; I just hate being sucked in, then crying, crying, crying. After Dear John, I said I was done with Nicholas Sparks, BUT Jason filled me the best Easter basket. Guess what was in it? Yep, The Last Song! It was wonderful. I couldn't put it down, but cried and cried. Jason kept telling me to stop reading it, but he is a man and just doesn't get it.
After hearing/reading about so many people and their date nights (Laura), we decided to go on a date night. We never go anywhere without our girls, but this weekend we will go out to eat and to see The Last Song. The last movie we saw was The Squeakquel, so this will be a nice treat!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nothing Day

I love stuff like this--grass heads, sea monkeys, . . . I got Mattie Claire the parrot like the tiger for Easter, but I forgot to give it to her. I just said it was an extra gift from Mama and Daddy after Easter. There are tons of different animals on ebay in the Monday's Child store. I will let you know how our parrot turns out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where to Begin??

We have been a busy, busy family. In the middle of getting ready for Easter and painting, I lost my card reader and our washing machine went out--here's what we've been up to! The girls have LOVED this beautiful weather. I think Mattie Claire has jumped on the trampoline more in the last two weeks than she has in the whole two years she has had it.
Only for my future son-in-law would I stop to paint one more bucket. I was inspired by some baskets that I saw on etsy, but I stuck to mostly buckets this year.

This design was a special request. I thought it turned out pretty cute. Don't you love my tulip tree!!
Mattie Claire painted clay pots for our Easter guests. Every family got a beautiful, one of a kind pot with a flower planted in them. These are a couple of my favorites. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of all the finished pots.
This is Molly "hiding" eggs. I don't know if she thinks we can't see it or she can't see it. I am sure it made sense to her!
Everyone should run out to their nearest Dollar General and purchase one of those balls. They are fun and squishy and light up when you throw them. EVERYONE, 2-62, played with it on Easter Sunday. Good purchase Easter bunny! The Easter bunny could have stopped with the ball, the American Girl Bitty Twin, and goldfish. Molly is in love with Lucy! I will not show you pics of their whole Easter baskets, because you would lose respect for me; the Easter bunny went a tad overboard!