Monday, April 26, 2010

Here's to You, Brittany

Auntie Blitt Blitt asked that I please update my blog. She has bought the American Girl doll, so she wants me to find her something else to buy. I have been so busy lately painting, working, ....that I cannot even come up for air. I have been taking lots of pics to post when I finally catch up.

My newest problem is my six year old saying she is too old for smocked--she will "look funny next to the other kids" if she wears smocked to graduation. We have spent HOURS looking for a non-smocked/non-hoochie compromise. Tonight, we reached an agreement. If she wears this beautiful grown up looking smocked dress that already hangs in her closet, she gets a graduation present. What has she decided that present should be????--a bounce house/waterslide!!! She even offered to clean out her piggy bank to help pay for it--I know--how sweet is that?? There are lots to pick from on the internet, but here is a finalist.


  1. Hoooow Fun!! Glad she is wearing the perfect dress!!

  2. Please email me when you get a chance so we can discuss "the plate." I can't believe school is nearly over! I've missed reading your blog!