Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where to Begin??

We have been a busy, busy family. In the middle of getting ready for Easter and painting, I lost my card reader and our washing machine went out--here's what we've been up to! The girls have LOVED this beautiful weather. I think Mattie Claire has jumped on the trampoline more in the last two weeks than she has in the whole two years she has had it.
Only for my future son-in-law would I stop to paint one more bucket. I was inspired by some baskets that I saw on etsy, but I stuck to mostly buckets this year.

This design was a special request. I thought it turned out pretty cute. Don't you love my tulip tree!!
Mattie Claire painted clay pots for our Easter guests. Every family got a beautiful, one of a kind pot with a flower planted in them. These are a couple of my favorites. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of all the finished pots.
This is Molly "hiding" eggs. I don't know if she thinks we can't see it or she can't see it. I am sure it made sense to her!
Everyone should run out to their nearest Dollar General and purchase one of those balls. They are fun and squishy and light up when you throw them. EVERYONE, 2-62, played with it on Easter Sunday. Good purchase Easter bunny! The Easter bunny could have stopped with the ball, the American Girl Bitty Twin, and goldfish. Molly is in love with Lucy! I will not show you pics of their whole Easter baskets, because you would lose respect for me; the Easter bunny went a tad overboard!

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