Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Will Try Not to Throw Up

Update: Already one call telling me how nasty my roadkill snake looked and "did we really eat that??!!" Yes, Jason ate 2 pieces!

I watched the whole Julie/Julia movie and have read all the blogs that post the yummy things they bake. I thought why not me, and now I know why:0)

The finished pizza snake--yes, it looks like someone killed an oppossum or something!
The unbaked pizza snake--Yum Yum Yum!
Mattie Claire painting the snake with dyed egg.

My mom has hoped for year's that I would be more domestic; she even bought me a subscription to Taste of Home (& sewing machine). I recently finished a book, and flipped through Taste of Home with nothing better to read. There was a cute recipe for a pizza snake. The directions made it sound super simple, simple enough for me and Mattie Claire to bake as a SuperBowl snack. I took this yummy creation out of the oven, and Mattie Claire said, "I will try not to throw up when I eat it." I guess I will stick to decorating cakes and tacos!!

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