Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whining Teacher

I just read from my favorite blogger's latest post, and her pre-schooler got in trouble at school, resulting in a spanking at home. Laura and Wayne win my parenting award for the week!! I wish all of my parents cared this much and took school behavior this seriously. I have to share a story from this week, then I will go back and read my watch post:0)

Earlier this year, I had a student that wanted to go to Homecoming and couldn't afford it. I cried, then went straight to The Footstool and bought shoes and jewelry. I then raided my skinny clothes and found her a perfect black dress. I gave it to her no strings attached; just have a great time. She was so grateful and wrote me the sweetest letter, along with her mother. Imagine my surprise and distress when I realized today that the teenage hormonal demons have taken over her brain. This sweet girl, who has moved me to tears, hurt my feelings. I gave my fun, simple assignment Monday, and she looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You can write me up; I'm not doing that." I was shocked and couldn't even fuss. I think I might need to institute a horse shoe pulling system in class. Laura, would that work on moody, hormonal teenagers???? This story is just one of about five in two days. Is it the moon, changing weather, ...? I am so looking forward to winter break and dealing with no child over 5 years old:0)


  1. Teenagers. Remember that age. Dont take it personallY!

  2. Oh. my. goodness. I'm speechless. There are alot of things I could say, but in the words of Auntie Em, "...being a Christian woman, I just can't say it!: