Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Party Season

I thought the fall was birthday party season, but it may be now. I am getting lots of requests for party favors. The themes range from cowboy to March Madness. I even got my first Cat in the Hat request this week. I will be busy painting over the next couple of weeks. Also, don't forget that I have custom Easter baskets on the way. I can decorate a basket for you or fill your basket and wrap--lots of possibilities!

I have made the decision to skip shows this summer. It is a lot of work packing and setting up for these shows that are always out of town. I think I will focus on spending time with my girls and selling on etsy. The Peach Festival was fun, but WILD!

I also want to add that I was considering not teaching any summer classes, buuuut... Everyone has started requesting classes, so here is what I have decided. I may not teach as many as in the past and there will be no pottery classes--I am just too slow getting everyone's stuff fired. I will most likely teach at least one canvas class and maybe a sock monkey class. I will also limit the size to only 10 per class. I think that is the only way for everyone to get their money's worth. I am open to special requests and questions, so let me know what you think!!


  1. Oh my goodness, Girlfriend! You are already mentioning summer? I haven't even made it to Spring yet! LOL! Mentioned our "meeting" on my blog! We must, must MUST meet again! And that cowboy is way too cute.

    I would like to know your thoughts for a lollipop party, but I think I've just about decided on buying a huge lollipop and putting a sticker/label on it. For some reason A's birthday party seems to be on the "cheaper" side this year. I really do go all out!

  2. I am going to think really hard and see what I can come up with. My brain feels a little fried right now!

  3. I just sent you a LOOOOOOOONG comment and it didn't send so this one will be short and sweet.

    I looked rough too Friday night. How much are the personalized gumball machines? I actually saw some at Walmart today, but they were all the same color.

  4. Hi...found you from Laura's blog....I am a local girl too...we live in Calhoun. Your products are so cute! I will definitely keep you in mind for future reference!