Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sock Monkey Mania

Molly with her new ragdoll from Granny and "Paw."
Mattie Claire helping open a Dora movie from Uncle Henry and Aunt Maggie.

I painted the party favors and filled with goodies.
I was so busy my girls didn't get one, maybe next time.
Matilda the Fondant Sock Monkey

The Who Dat party goers and their sock monkeys playing on the roller coaster! Yummy cookie cake: this cake was made with two cookie mixes from Wal-Mart and baked on a pizza pan for 16 minutes. Couldn't have been any easier or cuter!!!
sock monkeys and supplies ready to go
Today was Molly's sock monkey birthday party. Thanks to my bakin' friend, we had a precious cake. She baked, and I decorated. She then baked a cookie cake that I got to decorate. I loved building the little fondant sock monkey, but she had to help with the fondant covering. The kids had lots of fun decorating their sock monkeys from eleganthobbies. We kept the party small, because of the big party coming up in a couple of weeks. I promise to make it up to Molly next year!


  1. AWESOME birthday party! LOVED the pink sock money theme!

  2. AWE!! What a cool party!!! I am so excited to see the pictures of the Monkey's... Thanks so much for posting and for choosing ElegantHobbies.. Much appreciation.. Too Cool!!