Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easter Basket Time

These are my newest creations
peace, love, & bunnies!

A local gift store has always done the cutest Easter baskets, but last year they closed! Several people asked me to start creating baskets. I began last year adding to standard white baskets, and this year I am even painting some. I have my baskets at the Pea Patch in town, and I am considering adding some to etsy. I fill the baskets for some of my customers and wrap in cellophane too. I am sure there will be more pics to come.


  1. SO darn cute! We need to talk about those gumball machines again! I'm a "visual" person! Ha!

    P.S. When do you find time to paint with kids and teaching school?

  2. I am an art teacher, so I can make just about anything fit into my "curriculum." Look back on the gumball machine post; someone put a link to a free tag. We can also paint names on them. I will try to do a sample for you this week.