Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Have I said this week that I have some great friends and I love spring time? There is a daffodil field in my area. A lady planted in memory of her husband and opens it to the public the end of February every year. However, my friend is her niece!! She planned a picnic today for her daughter and friends, and we were included. My girls had so much fun--eating on a blanket, blowing bubbles,... Not only is my friend a great picnic planner, but she and her sister are photographers. Don't judge them by the pics below, because I took those. Hopefully, I will have some of theirs to share soon.

My sweet, shy babies getting ready to join the party.

MooMoo standing in just half of the field!
Is it wrong to love something I created??!!, because I LOVE this platter. A mom at a private school asked me to create a platter for the spring auction. Each student and teacher in one grade made a thumbprint on the platter. I turned each print into something Eastery. I think it turned out cute, and I am thinking I just might need one of MC's class.

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  1. Love, love, love the daffodil pics and what a neat place to have a picnic!! As for the platter, why, oh, why didn't you tell me you could do something oh-so cute??!!