Saturday, March 20, 2010


We are working on planning our summer vacation. The beach is always a given, but are planning just a little something else. We are thinking about staying at Great Wolf Lodge. It has been featured in Southern Living and Parents lately, so it's gotta be good. Would love to hear about your experiences here. Sounds like the perfect place for my pasty children.
While at the GWL, we will be visiting American Girl. Julie is now a member of our family, so we have to include something for her. I thought Molly needed a baby to take too, and it is no fun if you can't get her hair fixed. I wanted to get her a Bitty Baby, but no hair. The only baby, baby dolls with hair are the twins, well I don't need two! FYI, stores can sell individual twins. I called the catalog and asked, she very politely referred me to the store--big store only in LA, NYC, and Chicago. The "call center" was super nice, and a blonde haired, blue eyed girl will be delivered soon. Surely I can't be the only one with this problem of not needing two, but needing hair, so I thought I might share.


  1. I got your emails and I'll be responding soon! I've never heard anything but good things about GWL. And the American Girl store could be nothing but bliss! That is, if you had a daughter that actually played with dolls! I visited the one in NY last summer and thought I was in Heaven. Not sure Alise would feel the same way. Have fun!!

  2. I did not know you could buy just one twin! :) But I'm sure we would have still had to buy the set. I'm glad the call center was super nice to you.