Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Footprint Plates

I have done this post before, but I guess it is that time of year again. With Mother's Day right around the corner, I think it has everyone in the mood for a little footprint pottery. Word has gotten out that I bought a kiln and can paint:0) I have two parties lined up for the same day at the end of this month. If you are interested in hosting a party, you just need to get five friends who each want to buy a plate, and you will receive yours free. Sound like fun?
I had to come back and add.... Mattie Claire had some birthday money, extra money from me, and some art contest winnings, and we thought she might like a Nintendo DS. Someone suggested an Ipod Touch would be better and do much more. After a little research, we agreed and ordered one. It came in today, AND no one told us you needed an Ipod PhD to figure it out. UGH!! I am sure there is some simple secret no one has told us, so this is turning into an all night job. Please tell me the secret and clue me in on some great app's for a 6 year that is probably as technologically inclined as her mother and father:0)


  1. What a great idea!! Wish I lived closer - I'd be havin' some plate parties!

  2. By May, I may want to drive up to Kentucky just to get away. I love my students, but we are all suffering from some spring fever--we need a break; 3 MORE DAYS!! yippeeeeeee