Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

I talked my dad and stepmom into meeting us in New Orleans for a fun weekend. We did the aquarium and shopped on Saturday. The aquarium was packed!! I don't think I have ever seen it so busy. Sunday, we went to the Insectarium and zoo. The Insectarium was wonderful! I really think this was the girls' favorite part. This new exhibit is worth the trip to New Orleans, but I know not everyone has a child as obsessed with insects as I do! The zoo was a different experience; it was Soul Fest. It was like being in Disney World with all the people.

Mattie Claire and Molly playing in the zoo.
Of course, Molly would find the only phone in the whole Insectarium!
Mattie Claire eating a yummy chocolate covered cricket at the Insectarium. She loved them, so I hope the Easter Bunny leaves some in her Easter basket.

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  1. I have never known a little girl to like BUGS so much! Actually, Alise came home today talking about a freakin' snake that she and another friend "fed" today during after school. I'll be asking about THAT story tomorrow when I pick her up!!

    About Beth Moore...the simulcast of the conference is being broadcast at Trinity Methodist Church in Ruston on Saturday, April 24th. Tickets are $20. Because I don't live there, I'll have to mail in a check and have the tickets mailed back to me. If you are interested in going, let me know. I hope it works out and you can go! Would LOVE to visit with you again!

    Have a great week!