Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Spring Break

Wow, today was one of those days! We spent the whole day at the doctor. Both girls had checkups, and Mattie Claire started running fever yesterday--soo good thing. First stop was the pediatrician, who told us it was a virus and expect the whole family to run fever and get runny nose. Molly's soft spot has not closed, so we went for lab work that did not go well. They stuck her and dug, then pulled out to stick the other arm--ugh! Mattie Claire has some bumps, so we had to wait around for the dermatologist. The wait was an hour, but the visit was only 5 minutes. Good thing on the 5 minutes, because Molly was on her most embarassing behavior. From the looks the doctor was giving me, I don't think she has kids. Good news is no thyroid problem; the soft spot will close. Second good news, we have a new prescription lotion for these upper arm bumps; they told me the name, but sorry, I don't remember--k-something. Whew, I am loving spring break!!

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