Saturday, March 6, 2010

Skippin' That One

I recently saw a post on another blog asking who was going to see the new Alice in Wonderland. I replied that my family would not be seeing that movie; poor Mattie Claire is scared of her own shadow!

The commercial came on, and I asked Mattie if she wanted to see that. Her 6 year old reply was, "No, I couldn't even handle the cartoon. I tried, but I had to turn it back to Noggin." I guess we will be the first in line if they release a new Dora movie.


  1. We just got back. My Claire (will be 4 in May) is normally really scared of everything, but loves Alice. We all went - son almost 8 - and saw it in 3D. We loved it! I didn't think it was scary at all - maybe a little on one or two parts, but it was great!

  2. Guess what I bought tonight??? 30 gumball machines!!!

  3. Look back on the gumball machine post. Someone left a link to a free tag you can print. I thought they were really cute.