Friday, July 30, 2010

The Visitor

My house is a wreck, and I am not talking the normal wreck. We are talking wreck, wreck. Mega-yard sale stuff is stacked about 7 feet high in the dining room. Munchkin Market stuff covers my coffee table. Then there are my painting orders scattered all over the living room. Weeeell, I heard a horn blow this afternoon (Thursday.) I looked outside to see a very large and expensive SUV in my driveway. I stepped outside, and she hollered about the furniture that was listed in the paper for my mega-yard sale on SATURDAY! She ended up coming in my house. Yes, you read that right, and no, I do not know her. She shopped for about an hour, filled her backseat, and spent a whopping $35. She plans to return tomorrow night or early Saturday to look through the stuff she couldn't get to today. I really didn't mind; I guess I was just a little surprised by the whole thing:) I hope she loves all of her new treasures!


  1. Next time advertise 'no early sales'! Most of the ones that come days ahead have resale shops anyway..either on e-bay or a storefront.
    Take heart, the sale will be over soon and you can spend your last days of summer cleaning house! Yuck!

  2. Wow, You are such a nicer person than me:) I would've been like, Hello? The sale is tomorow. But at least you got rid of some of the stuff! I can't believe she honked!!! I'm laughing writing this..

  3. Well. Whatever it takes to get rid of the stuff!