Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Have Lost a Little Faith in Doctors

My father-in-law has been complaining with chest pains for a while. He went to the ER Monday morning and was sent home with a prescription for Prilosec to treat some refluxy/heartburn something. He followed up with his regular doctor the following day and was told the same thing! His doctor also thought it was a gastro thing, but said he could see his heart doctor in a week. Well, Thursday morning we ended up in the Shreveport ER with continuing chest pains. THANK GOODNESS-they admitted him and did a heart cath yesterday. There was some blockage (90%). With a brand spanking new stint, he will be home today!

I think Jason is a LOT like his dad. If he complains, you better call an ambulance. For these two men to finally say something is wrong, I feel like it is usually pretty serious. I was completely frustrated with two sets of physicians to send him home and dismiss as heartburn. It was such a relief for everyone to have some answers and to see him feeling better. All of this reminds me of where we were last year--preparing for Jason's surgery. He had a condition in his legs that would require a 2 inch cut on each leg and a slice to the muscle sheath inside each calf. The 2 inch cuts ended up being more like 6! The 6 inch cuts ended up getting infected....! A lot has happened in the last year, but I am glad we made it over that hurdle. Happy 4th of July!! We are headed to the lake for the rest of the day with family for grilling, tubing, and fireworks.


  1. Guys are so hard to get to doctors! And when they do go- you just hope they get help becuase you know it's going to be ten times harder to get them to go next time if they dont. Glad you made it over the hurdle!

  2. I am a new follower, I come via JDaniel4's Mom blog and wanted to stop by and say hello & I love your stuff in your etsy shop.