Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little of This a Little of That

With a broken card reader and uncooperating blogger, I have not posted many pictures lately. I thought I would do a little catch up and post a variety today.
I did these whales when I first opened my shop last summer. Even though I loved them, they were not one of my biggest sellers, so I stopped posting them in my shop. I had a customer order them last week; I loved getting to work on something a little different.
A local lady makes the cutest cookies. She is sooo cheap, so I ordered cookies for the beach.
The sharks even had little teeth.
This order goes on my top ten coolest orders list! She is a party planner in New Jersey. She emailed me earlier in the summer asking if she could show my stuff to clients. The answer was-YES! These were the first buckets she ordered.
These are the Nemo buckets I did for one of Laura's friends.
She bought each child a fish and put the bag in the bucket with tissue paper.

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