Thursday, July 22, 2010

Storytime Live

We took the girls to see Storytime Live this afternoon. I killed myself watching for those tickets!! I stalked the ticket office until they went on sale, and I bought from the pre-sale months ago. What did I get--seats on the second row!! What was my thanks--one child that begged/whined to not go, because she is too cool for Noggin. One child who only cared about Dora; she showed no interest in the first 3 stories. I still think they enjoyed it, whining and all.

I thought I had found a building to have my classes in, but it fell through. UGH! I know it will work out for the best, but patience is not one of my strong suits. We have set a date. The mother of all garage sales will be next weekend. We will have holiday decorations, toys, kids clothes, furniture, craft supplies,.... If you are local, you are welcome to a sneak peak:) We are ready to see this stuff gone. Nothing comes back into this house!! Everything not sold will be donated to a local thrift store. I would love to show you a picture of all the stuff, but I am ashamed that we had that much excess/junk in our house:)

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  1. My littles would have loved it! They LOVE Backyardians, Dora & Wonder Pets!