Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am not into facebook as much as the rest of the world. I get on there from time to time and see what's going on, but that is about it. Two nights ago, I gave in and started a local business page, still gonna skip the personal part. I have been doing my blog for about a year, and I have 39 followers. I started by facebook business about 48 hours ago, and I have 90 fans and several orders. WOW!! Everyone told me that facebook rocks; I guess I should have jumped on that wagon a long time ago:) Funny thing, it suggested Mrs. Semi-Slacker as a friend on my personal page??!! How does it know that I know her:)??

Working on some cowgirl samples for an upcoming party. I am also working on some galvanized pails for a farm party, loving them so much that I may do that for the girls party in winter.

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  1. Who doesn't know me!?! I just liked you even b/4 I read this! Remind me I want a plate like you did for Laura for Bo's teacher, for Christmas or End of the Year.