Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This Week

This week, I will.....
1. Clean out the last cabinet for our HUGE yard sale. UPDATE: Jason will!
2. Finish painting all footprint plates from the party from oh so long ago.

3. Deliver plates to be fired and deliver farm pails to an awesome Pineville customer.
4. Consult with the Footstool about the new colors. The Footstool is now carrying Puddle Jumpers, and they have more exciting changes on the way!! I can't wait.
5. Have the biggest yard sale ever. Let me know if you are looking for something special; odds are that we have at least one in this ever growing mound of stuff. At this point, the pile on the couch to be sold is at least 6 feet tall!
I know it doesn't sound like too much, but add that to chasing two little girls and my regular stuff--and whew! Everyone should head right out and see Ramona and Beezus. It was wonderful! We cried more than once. I came out thinking, "I am raising those two children." My mom walked out right behind me and said, "Those were your kids." I think I am in trouble. Later that night, Molly was cuddling in my lap. I said, "You sure were ugly at the store today." She pulled the thumb from her mouth, smiled the sweetest smile and said, "You're welcome."


  1. My sister and I had a yard sale earlier this summer and did very well. It is a lot of hard work so I hope your effort pays off. I'll be back to visit soon! Lana :)

  2. I love the flamingo foot print! Cute, cute! Sass wants to see Ramona so bad. That's on next week's to do list!