Sunday, January 3, 2010


All the Christmas decorations are down. Molly helped me undecorate the house. Her idea of helping was pulling the ornaments as hard as she could until the fell off the tree, then she would throw them in the box. I have enjoyed my two weeks with them, playing and just hanging out. My stomach does a little flip when I think about tomorrow. I love my job, so it is not that I mind the work part--I mind the getting up before 6:00, getting the girls ready, ... I am taking my kids on a BIG field trip in a couple of weeks. It has been a lot of planning, and I am sure I missed something major. It always catches me off guard when I realize I am the adult! Monday will be straight back to work for sure.

I didn't make any specific resolutions this year, but I do want to be better. There are lots of areas that I can improve on! I always put my girls before housework, but I would like to do a better job of balancing both. Could I possibly keep my girls happy and my house neat, not immaculate--just neat??? My second improvement will be as a Christian. I got a daily devotional Bible for Christmas that will lead me to read the Bible in one year. I hope that becoming a stronger Christian may make me better in all the other areas. I also just read about a devotional for girls (little girls). Mattie Claire has had a love of God and devil questions lately, so I may have to find me one of those books. Good luck to everyone headed back to work tomorrow; have a great week.

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