Thursday, January 14, 2010

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days we all should have just stayed in bed! Jason is sick again and had to stay home. I drive the 30 minutes to school and realize Mattie Claire has fever and a stomach ache. My mom came to the rescue and picked her up. She barely made it back home, and I found out the babysitter's granddaughter (who lives with her) was throwing up. I couldn't ask my mom to turn back around, so Jason drug himself out of bed and picked Molly up. He went and got Mattie Claire. He was about 2 miles from our house when she threw up all in his truck--Yuck!! He comes home changes her....and gives her his doctor's appointment. After getting a diagnosis of "virus," he makes the drop off with my mom and heads to the hospital. He meets with a general surgeon and schedules a surgery for next week--totally unexpected, but I hope he gets to feeling better. All of this on the day before....I take 30 kids on a field trip that is five hours away! Wish us luck!

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