Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Week

My baby turned 2 this week. Her gift from us was a roller coaster, and she loved it. It takes up a lot of space, but they stay on it. She will have her sock monkey party this weekend.

We had some beautiful weather the first of this week. The girls spent every afternoon playing outsidewith the bubble mower and cars. Please notice who is in the driver's seat!

After reading other blogs, I want to report that Jason is also home, at least until turkey season. He has shaved and looking ready for spring. The shaving is a big deal!! It grows and grows, and I am not sure why. One reason I have heard is that it is warmer--whatever! The second is that the ducks can't see it--again whatever! It is bright orange; I don't know how ducks would miss that.

Brittany and I took some girls to see an Annie play. It was put on by a private school near here; it was wonderful--very professional! Annie was the first movie I ever saw in the theater, so I jumped at the chance for it to be a memory for Mattie Claire. She loves the movie and sings "Little Girls" all the time.
On a side note, Mermaid is having puppies--SOON! Three are spoken for, but if there are more we would love for you to have one. Mermaid is a miniature dachshund; she is long-haired and dapple. The father is 1/2 shih tzu and 1/2 dachshund. Mermaid is beautiful, so I am confident the puppies will be precious:0)

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