Friday, November 27, 2009

What's Up

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving--two delicious meals and lots of visiting. Poor Molly is sick. She is running fever and sitting still, so I guess she is really sick. I had already made plans to do a show, so Jason is taking one for the team and giving up a duck hunt to stay with the girls. I have a pretty good husband that does more than his share, so I feel a little guilty about him missing the hunt with his uncles. I am sure I will get over the guilt when I sell LOTS and LOTS of stuff tomorrow!!! I will be at the Christmas Bazaar in Jonesboro from 9-4. We will be set up in the building across from Pizza Hut. They have a great parade and BEAUTIFUL lights, so it is worth a little drive north. Hope everyone had a great holiday; see you tomorrow:)

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