Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have a disorder--something along the lines of not ever wanting to see my kids disappointed, give them everything they ask for, .... She asked for a jeep; we bought a jeep. It is at Wal-mart waiting to be picked up right now. She has changed her mind!! Knowing that Santa can only bring each child one big gift, she wants to change her big gift to a poodle! Jason says that if I buy a dog I will have to pick up every piece of poop--I don't do poop. I am thinking that Santa may just bring her a puppy bank with $20 to start her on saving for a puppy. Any other ideas?? She did a great job saving for her American Girl. She appreciates Julie even more for buying her with her own money. I just don't think I will be able to take it if she is disappointed Christmas morning, and she did just have eye surgery---that is how I justify a lot of what she gets:)!!

Here is the kennel that has the above puppy:


  1. I think a cute stuffed poodle would look
    really great in the driver's seat of the

  2. I think my child has made the mature decision to save her money for a poodle!! I am crossing my fingers it stays that way. I have heard dogs are cheaper in the summer, and we will have more time. If she still wants it in May, I am sure we will work something out:)