Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've Always Wanted....

I have always wanted a pot-bellied pig. A couple of years ago, Mattie Claire latched onto this idea and wanted one too. My sweet parents (who never let me have one by the way!!) bought her one that my uncle found at an auction. She was a little older than we thought she would be and not very nice. We named her Strawberry and dressed her and put lip gloss on her--at least Jason did; I was a little scared of her. Unfortunately, she passed away on Good Friday only a few months after we got her. I was looking around on the Internet and found several today. Jason says it's the biologist in him that just thinks they are NASTY, but I think they are the cutest things EVER!!! I guess we have agreed to disagree, and I don't see us getting a cute, cute, cute pig anytime soon. The pic above is one I found on a Louisiana site. Click on the link to see more of her pigs.

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