Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Ball Wreath

I am a pretty plain person and my house is not very fancy/dressy. I follow one blog that always has neat links and some great ideas. Following some of her links, I ended up at Eddie Ross's site. Not a big Eddie fan, but I am a huge Design Star fan. He made a beautiful wreath using one wire hanger with a great Mommie Dearest reference and some Christmas balls. I thought I would give it a try.
Last night, we went to the Natchitoches Dollar Tree and picked up some ornaments. Be sure to check all the aisles on the top shelf. I found some pretty ones there that were not with the other ornaments. I even found some pretty ribbon there. I came home and stayed up until 1:00 making my masterpieces. I wasn't crazy about the bow, but I was exhausted. I went to bed thinking I would fix it this morning.

This is the wreath when I went to bed. I used about 10 tubes of ornaments. The darker blue were some I already had, but the others are all Dollar Tree. I found it simplest to glue the small balls in as fillers. This morning, I began playing around with the ribbon. I finished the wreath and was hanging it on the door and GUESS WHAT--yep, I dropped it. Fortunately, they are non-shatter balls, but it did break them off. I had to hot glue to get the balls back on. Of course to me, it looked better the first time. I took the other bow off and added some glittery blue ribbon to fill in and add texture. I may buy one more roll of that ribbon to make a bow. I haven't decided. I have more ornaments and want to make more. I thought my students might add this to Santa's Workshop as part of our field trip fundraiser. If I can get my hands on some purple balls, I thought a purple and gold one might be nice.

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