Thursday, October 1, 2009

International Sales

I don't have any pics to share today, but I have some news. I am now an international seller! Last week, I was contacted by a shop owner in the Dominican Republic. Her shop is a stop for cruise ships, and she wants to carry my buckets for the kids! I am sure you can guess how excited this request made me. I have been a little bummed lately by shoppers talking me down (way down) on my prices--really makes you feel like your work isn't worth much. This big sale to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC was the boost my self-esteem needed! I will ship off her first batch tomorrow. I hope she likes them. She has promised to send pics of them in the store, so I will have to share them with you.

Coming this weekend, pictures of "Henrietta." You will just have to check back to find out who she is! Also, another easy Halloween craft. This one was created by our pre-K class, and they are cute, cute, cute!

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