Friday, October 2, 2009

Go, Diego, Go!

Mattie Claire's "boyfriend" is having his birthday party tomorrow, and he is a big Diego fan. We just finished up his gift. We painted him a Diego bucket and filled with some Diego gear--flashlight, Diego puzzle, Diego Color Wonder, candy, candy, glow sticks, fruit roll ups, more candy--hope it is everything he needs for going on rescue missions.
I love the way these buckets look filled and wrapped in cellophane. It is the gift bag that you can re-use. I have done several lately as gifts; you just give your price range, and I fill for you. We can paint the bucket to match the invitation, costume, ...


  1. Where are you located? I love this idea, but with the short notice of birthday parties (I'm lucky if parents give a week's notice...), I'm not sure if I could take advantage of this great idea!!

  2. I live in Winnfield. How close are you? Don't you live in La. too? If you live somewhere good, I am up to meeting--any excuse to shop. I have items in the Pea Patch. Check out the website at