Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we were in elementary school, and we wore those elegant hot pink plastic charm necklaces?? You could add big bulky charms to your necklace; they seemed way cooler back in the day. I had the bottle, so I love the picture above. You can purchase this vintage necklace at:
I think they are back. I have found Lucky BeeBee charms, and I know Mattie Claire will LOVE them. I think she will get some in her Halloween gift. They are at WalMart, Target, and ToysRUs. The prices aren't bad, and some of the charms have a little extra--open the cupcake to see a little mouse or open the nesting doll to reveal two more dolls. I got her a necklace and backpack charm holder with a total of five charms for about $20, not too bad considering what some of her collections cost!

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