Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy Bees

We have been busy little bees around our house: painting, creating posters, making crayons, ...the list goes on and on.

Friday, November 6
Saturday, November 7

Don't forget that CedarTown is next weekend. I will have my kid's Christmas shirts there, ornaments, painted plastic, zebra ornaments, and lots more. There will be some CedarTown specials, so drop by if you are in Ruston.


  1. What state do you live in? We have a town called Ruston which is about 30 miles from me.

  2. I thought you knew I lived in Louisiana. That is why I offered to deliver birthday gifts to you. I will be in Ruston at CedarTown--it is WONDERFUL since you are only 30 minutes away. You could do all of your shopping in one place. This will be my third year doing it; I always have so much fun!!