Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cowgirl Pumpkin

I promised in a earlier post you would be introduced to Henrietta, well here she is! Mattie Claire and I spent a couple of weeks staying after school creating Henrietta together. Lots of school people roll their eyes, because Mattie Claire couldn't have created her entry alone. I would just like to say that we had a lot of fun working "together" to create her pumpkin! With a second child, I think she sometimes misses out on time with just me.
How did we do it? First, the pumpkin is fake, so it wasn't heavy and was easy to work with. The legs are styrofoam cones covered in model magic and attached using paper clips. The head is a large styrofoam ball again covered in model magic. The hardest part was the hair. Yes, each strand of yarn is attached to her head! The hair was then braided and ribbons added to the ends. The hat is a molded styrofoam ball, molded and cover guessed it--model magic. My favorite detail was the belt buckle. I made an oval of model magic and added balls around the edge, then sculpted a horse head. The whole buckle was painted silver with a little glitter added. Let me know if you need more specific instructions to make a cowgirl of your own.
Mattie Claire's creation won her first place in the school contest. The pumpkins were auctioned off at the Fall Festival. About half way home Friday night, she started crying. It finally hit her that Henrietta wasn't coming home with us. I eased the pain with promises of carving a pumpkin this weekend.

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