Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trying to Slow Down

I am working hard to catch up on my painting and take a little break. The only problem--there is no end in sight:) I have closed etsy to catch up on orders, but the orders keep coming. I am excited about the plate parties I have coming up; I have four already scheduled and a couple more in the works. I am sketching away, coming up with new designs.

Thought I would share a pic of some more Halloween designs. I sold a bunch to a children's store up north; she plans to use them as gift bags for items purchased in her store. She should get them this week; hope she likes them.
Yesterday, we attended a petting zoo party, and I had painted the favors. We have been to a couple with these people and their animals, and Mattie Claire was looking forward to the donkey (who knows!) I had been hearing about riding that donkey for days. Well, the party is going great. I am talking with some moms and keeping my eye on Molly. MC walks up looking a little funny, then bursts into tears. One of the horses has stepped on her foot, and she is wearing sandals. She is fine; only a small bump and bruise to show for the drama. I think the hostesses were more upset than MC and I combined. We got two phone calls checking on her, but no broken bones--not even a limp:) Oh and no, she didn't feel up to riding the donkey. It is fine, though; I have already booked them for her 7 year old birthday.

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  1. I possibly might need some of those Halloween bags! Too cute! As far as the painting parties, are they in your home or do you go to peoples' houses to do them?