Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets

I just thought I would share this info, because of Laura's comment. WalMart is putting out pets today and tomorrow. It is only one per day per person., and they are $8.00 each. I got each of my girls one, but I had bought the four pack at ToysRUs and don't need it now. I think it was $55 with tax. If anyone needs it as a last minute gift, you are welcome to it. The girls at ToysRUs said individually ones were going on the shelf Sunday. I think they are a little more expensive at Toys R Us. I won't have time to return it until the day after Christmas when we head out for our Alabama Christmas!


  1. I wanted to say, "Thank you" because lucky me found tons of Zhu Zhu pets at Toys R Us on my way to work this morning! I hadn't planned on getting Alise one nor do I really even know why I stopped this morning except to say that the parking lot looked empty and three days before Christmas and an empty toy store parking lot are somewhat of a miracle in my book, so I stopped, got a pink and white hamster for $9.99 and have been on the phone all morning with various Walmarts looking for a few accessories. No luck yet. If Alise had not seen the commercial last week and nearly fall out of the recliner saying that she wanted one of these bad boys, we would NOT be having this conversation! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. You may be out of luck on the accessories. I went to Winnfield, Pineville, and Alexandria yesterday. We got a surfboard and that is it. Some had a couple of beds left, but nothing else. Good Luck!