Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yummy Tree

We are slowing but surely decorating. I put up my kitchen tree. I LOVE this tree. It is covered with gingerbread men, cookie ornaments, cupcakes, candy,...

Poor Molly has a nice little rash now, but it is just part of the virus. Hopefully, we will all be well soon. On another note, my children do not watch commercials. They watch Noggin and enjoy shows like Dora, Olivia, Little Bill,... We have missed the whole zsu zsu craze. I was bragging that thank goodness my child was not begging for that ungettable toy; however, a friend burst my bubble today. She said, "What if she hears everyone else talk about them and wants one? You didn't find one, ...." She was basically telling me that I had ruined Christmas for my sweet little five year old. I freaked and called a few Wal-Marts (including one in Alabama), but no luck. I will just cross my fingers that A) She doesn't want one. or B) Wal-Mart gets some more in! I will keep you posted.

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