Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The grandparents platter is one of my favorites. I did it last year and loved it so much that I talked several people into one this year. The inside of the tree are hands from the two middle kids. The oldest put his foot for the trunk. The little blue bird on the side is the new baby. The stocking platter is for the same family of four. It is kind of hard to think of something for four kids with such a wide range of ages.
Coming tomorrow--bunny rabbits, hippo, squirrel, monkey, ladybug, and angel. Yes, it is a wide variety and all for the same person--she is giving one to everyone in her family. I have a sad platter story I can share. Last year, one of my favorite people got several platters. She gave one of the grandparent root platters to her mother-in-law. She was recently visiting her wonderful mother-in-law and was hunting a lost shoe or something. When she got on all fours to look under the bed, guess what she found??!! Yep, the platter with a bunch of stuff stacked on top. I voted that she steal the platter back and give it a good home, kind of like a pet rescue or something. She is nicer than me and left it unmentioned under the bed. I hope all of this year's platter recipients realize what a special gift they are receiving!:0) I already look at how much my babies' feet have grown and cry. They will never be that small again!

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