Monday, May 31, 2010


I thought I would relax when I got out of school, but I feel so behind that I don't know when I will ever catch up. I got so much done last night, though! We watched a movie, and I painted away. First, Dear John was okay; it won't be one of those movies I stay up late watching over and over. Now, Valentine's Day has made to my list. I loved that movie! I know I am a day late, and everyone else has seen it. I will admit that I was a little shocked at Bradley Cooper and McSteamy--their characters didn't quite fit the images I had of them; well, I guess Anne Hathaway's didn't either!:)

Working on a treasure chest bucket for a Father's Day gift. The customer wants it to for her father to use at their Cape Cod beach house when the grandkids visit an island and hunt for shells with their Grandpa. I thought this was such a sweet, special gift that I have been really excited to get started. Coming soon--Pottery Barn--I have several people waiting on projects to match Pottery Barn bedding.

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  1. I love that!!! I wish I'd have thought of that for my daddy.