Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ears for Evan

I don't really know how to start this post. My computer will most likely short out, because it will be soaked in tears. I only heard this week about a 3 year old boy, Evan, who was born with malformed ears. The surgery to create ears for Evan will cost nearly $100,000. Since January, his mother has raised $58,000. A hairdresser from Monroe read about the story in the newspaper and wanted to help. This Friday, Salon 7 will have a Cut-a-Thon to benefit Evan. They will have an awesome raffle, door prizes, plate lunches, silent auction; wow, this list goes on and on. This little boy's special mother has a She talks about Evan and shares some of her struggles; she has a precious picture (he has the most beautiful lashes!) and a poem that had me sobbing. I think what makes this story even more heart breaking is that it took these parents nearly 6 years to conceive, and Evan's twin brother has cerebral palsy. I have some awesome friends! I sent out an email to my friends today telling this story. I was able to sell several raffle tickets, and we are putting together some summer gifts for Evan and his brother. Monday's Child even donated overnight bags for both boys. If you want to help, don't forget you can visit Salon 7 in Monroe this Friday, or you can make a donation on Evan's blog.

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