Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am a LIttle Sensitive

Several weeks ago an awesome beach store contacted me to paint buckets for their shop in FL. We were talking back and forth, then nothing. I contacted her to double check and gave her a simple out. However, she replied with things like "I am an honest person" and how she thought having beach buckets in her shop would be a "slap in the face" of people hurt by the oil situation. She was interested in buying my totes, loved my designs.... THEN I saw her feedback, and she had bought buckets from someone else. Yes, I cried a little. I would love to show you a picture of the other buckets to get your feedback compared to my design:), but even though my feelings are hurt, I cannot be that mean. I thought I would tell that story and share my new seahorse design. Tracy, you think Sassy will like that seahorse???
Now, for some positive news--I was chosen for an etsy treasury over the weekend for my sports beach bucket. It was a sports treasury and my first!! I was super excited, so I think that cancels out the seahorse.
Met Laura last night; hope Alise and Mrs. L. like the teacher platter!


  1. So much for her being an honest person! I'm sorry that I have been so busy today to send you an email (coming soon) but to all The Crayon Princess blog readers: Ms. L LOVED her plate!! You can visit my blog soon for pics!

  2. I going over to see the platter now! I think Sass would love the seashorse. We're going to the beach in 2 weeks & I thought I could get great pics there. Is that too soon? email me.