Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trash Can

As I have said, mermaids have taken over! I have painted a mermaid on anything within my reach for the past week. I painted this trash can for the girls' bathroom, and I loved it so much I have plans to do more. I drilled holes in the sides and attached turquoise striped bows. I attached the bows using pipe cleaners, so they can be replaced if they get a little dirty. These trash cans will be $12. I have listed one in my etsy shop, and I have more painted. They aren't all mermaids. I have painted a ballerina, monogram, and horse. Be sure to look for them at the Peach Festival at the end of this month! Bows by Macy & Me and the Crayon Princess will be there with bows and buckets; hope to see you there.

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