Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome to Hunting Season

Jason just killed his first deer of the season. No pictures, because she was not big enough to brag about:) The girls went outside to inspect the first casualty of the season. Molly said, "Daddy, why you kill her? Her mama is at her house." I guess she knows at two that a mother will always be home worrying.

The poor baby had a rough day. It's never good when the babysitter meets you at the door saying, "I want to tell you before you see her...." She was doing a "flip" on the concrete, and fell forward face first onto the concrete patio. It's not really a flip; it's more like an all fours with one leg in the air. Her little nose took a beating; I'm am sure it looked pretty bad at first! I won't document this accident, because remember this accident. She may be a soul-mate to the Bo Semi-Slacker:) I think he has a boo boo in every picture.

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