Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Friends

I am a little shy; not super shy, just a little leary in new situations. Yesterday was my first plate party where I didn't really know anyone. I was pretty nervous going into it, but I had the BEST time. I fell in love with the hostesses kids and the neighbor's kids. I hope to stay in touch with them, because I had a really good time! What kind of plates did I make? I made my first alligator, a family plate, a house, .... Can't wait to see them finished!

After the plate party, I headed to a nearby town where I teach, about 30 minutes from where I live. One of my students invited me to see her in a youth drama program at her church. I went to what I thought would be a 30 minute drama program that actually lasted about 2 1/2 hours:) The music was loud/Christian rock type, but the youth were amazing. I was truly blessed to see young people so passionate about Christ! The student that invited me doesn't have the highest self-esteem. When I got there, I asked her to tell me about the church. The first thing she said was, "No one judges you here; it is okay if your hair isn't just so. Everyone loves you no matter what." I would guess there were about 75 young people there; these young people made the decision to serve the Lord on a Saturday night, instead of .... I am already praying that my daughters make that decision when they are teenagers. I pray that they can find a group just as willing to make a stand for Christianity and what is right! Back to my shyness--guess who won the door prize in the middle of all the youth that she did not know!!!

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  1. Awww you are so sweet.. We had a great time with you kids loved you too and so did Sharis...When you come to town call me you know where I live now..:)