Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Love Fall Break!

Friday was Fall Festival at school. Saturday was a plate party, and Sunday was another plate party. Monday and Tuesday--FALL BREAK!! I thought I would get a lot of painting done, but no. Molly isn't feeling well, and we are all exhausted. I have accomplished working on my Thirty One order. I am having a catalog party to help out a friend who just signed up with the company. I have chosen to do tons of Christmas shopping from the catalog. She has started a facebook page for her Thirty One business. I thought the square tote was really cute, then she posted a picture of how she uses it. I thought it was a great idea in my quest to be more organized:)
I hope Santa will bring Molly this cute floral bag; she loves carrying her toys around;) Speaking of Molly, she is a talker. Several people last week commented on how well she speaks for her age. I always say that she gets lots of practice, because she never stops. Just a few minutes ago I told her that she was going to have to hush. Her reply was, "I not know how to hush." And no, she has talked non-stop since she rolled out of bed.

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