Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Welcome to all my new followers! Semi-Slacker Mom ROCKS! I have already received orders from some of her great followers. Check out my previous post of visit her blog and get on all the great giveaways.

I am sorry to say that I closed my etsy shop. I had so many order, which I am sooooo thankful for, that I had to take a break to catch up before I leave on vacation. Please send me a convo if you need:) a bucket right away. I still have some ready to ship stuff that I could mail out ASAP.
The pic is some bottles that I did for a group of women that went on a cruise in the spring. I have had no time to take extra pics this week, and I never posted these. I thought this was a great time to share. Yes, they are on the dash of my car at Sonic. I got super, duper stressed right before school got out. I needed a refreshing diet coke, and I am sure that was the only five minutes I had to snap a pic before delivering the bottles.


  1. You think of the neatest things!! Love those!!

  2. I LOVE those cute!!!

  3. They were a HUGE hit too! All the girls loved them!