Sunday, June 6, 2010

UPDATE: I feel guilty. After writing this, I watched Inside Kate's World! Now I just feel sorry for her.

This has been a quiet at home weekend for me and the girls. I painted, painted, painted, and the girls played and watched old movies. Mattie Claire was introduced to Toy Story, not quite sure how she missed these. We are now anxiously waiting are 3 now! Today, she watched.....
....Honey I Shrunk the Kids. I loved this movie growing up, and she did too. We know she loves bugs, and this movie had a giant ant--of course, she loved it.

We put Molly down for bed and made biscuit donuts, something else new for this weekend. While enjoying our donuts, we watched Kate Plus 8! It is like a train wreck; you have to look! I don't want to bash her, because she gets so much of that--buuuuut she just asks for it: the spikey silver heals, the bikinis, the hair extensions, the boobs that look bigger,... MC likes watching the kids, so I am sure it won't be the last time I sit through this stimulating show!

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