Saturday, September 12, 2009

Christmas Teaser

I have made the decision to do Christmas shirts. My friend/high school art teacher does adult Christmas shirts, so I am going to take over the kid Christmas shirts. I want to "tease" my followers with a little bit about the design. I hope to post a sample tonight. You can see her adult Christmas design on

Thanks to my little friend Mallory, I am hooked on zebra print. So why not design a snowman with a little zebra going on??! My design has a snowman with zebra print and lots of lime green, hot pink, & turquoise. Be sure to keep checking back for the final design. I will be offering a special for shirts pre-ordered on my blog. I am so excited.

My second decision is that I will be doing Cedar Town again. If you don't know what it is, it is definitely worth looking up. Cedar Creek in Ruston has been hosting this Christmas market for 20 years. You could do all of your shopping in one place. There is food, fine art, children's gifts, Brighton, monogramming.... I promise you will not be disappionted!

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